The International Holocaust Remembrance Day


This event is now over but feel free to watch the recording below and can check the additional content available here.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was the first event of this 2021 Edition of the Swedish Human rights Film Festival.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is named after the human rights hero, Raoul Wallenberg. The Swedish diplomat saved tens of thousands of Jews and other people at risk in Hungary at the end of World War II. Still today, we see minorities being discriminated because of their religion, ethnicity and culture. It’s of great importance to remember the Holocaust and its victims.  

To start, we screened the movie Every Face Has a Name by Magnus Gertten.

On April 28, 1945, survivors of the Nazi terror disembark a ship in Malmö. 70 years later, the same people experience the emotional moment when they each recognize themselves in the archive footage shot on the day of their liberation. Their anonymous faces turn into names, fates, and stories. They remind us that behind every refugee arriving in a harbor today, there is a name, a human being and a story. 

It was then followed by a panel discussion with international experts :

Magnus Gertten, an award-winning director, based in Malmö, Sweden, where he runs the production company Auto Images. Since 1998 Magnus has directed a large number of documentaries, broadcasted at leading international tv-channels and screened at film festivals in more than 50 countries.

Isak Nachman, Rabbi and teacher who was born in Israel and now lives in Stockholm. He has made the Swedish documentary “Nöden – en Shtetl i Lund).

Ingrid Lomfors, a historian that focuses on the Holocaust from a Swedish perspective. She has among other done research about Jewish refugee children arriving in Sweden (so called Kindertransport), Antisemitism and about the children of the Holocaust. Ingrid is a Superintendent at Forum för Levande Historia.

Moderated by journalist Lars Mogensen, a swedish freelance journalist and moderator. Among other things he is hosting the radio program Filosofiska rummet at Sveriges Radio (SR). He covers wide areas including politics and philosophy.

This event was possible thanks to the generous support from our contributors: