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Since 2015, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Kino have hosted the Swedish Human Rights Film festival in Lund. The Film festival unites movies with human rights, together with panel discussions with international experts. Topics ranging from climate change, gender equality and migration have been covered over the past six years.

In 2022 the film festival becomes a festival! Between 7-9 December, running up to Human Rights Day 10 December,  we host the festival at Kino and at Stadshallen. Stay tuned for an exciting schedule containing different cultural events.  


The Swedish Human Rights Film Festival is made possible thanks to the kind support from Film i Skåne and Lunds Kommun. From 2022, we host the Festival together with Altitude Meetings, operators of Stadshallen in Lund and as usual, Kino. 









Films and podcasts relating to the topics 2021

On the Holocaust

On Racism



The United Nations has, in response to the new challenges the corona crisis leaves behind, launched a program, “Build Back Better”.

The purpose is to support the reconstruction of the world. The pandemic has widened the gaps in society and poverty. The focus will be on Agenda 2030, the Global Goals. We want to highlight the challenges that have become so obvious during the corona crisis; the lack of justice, equality, unequal distribution of resources and discrimination; of the elderly, of minorities and more.

As in previous years, we want to spread knowledge about human rights through films and panel discussions, but we want to complement and develop the concept by offering you some additional content. Our ambition for the future is to broaden the concept from film festival to festival and to touch on these issues in several ways.

2021 Build Back Better film festival


We want to welcome our previous visitors; students, academics, pensioners and young adults. We would like to involve young people in the festival, e.g. by hosting events or contributing thoughts on content.

To build on the “Build Back Better” theme, we will host an event on selected UN days all-year around. During these days, we will show hand-picked movies on the topic in combination with an expert panel.

To become more inclusive, we have transformed the festival to a digital version to make it available for everyone. Each event will be launched online with the choice to stream the movie (for Swedish residents) followed by an interactive discussion about the topic and human rights issues.


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